Sunday, August 1, 2010

Nursery- Part 1: The Cleanup

As I announced a few weeks ago on the blog, I am expecting a little one at the end of November (Thanksgiving to be exact).  Therefore, that means we need to designate a bedroom in our home for the little one.  We have three to choose from (in my mind two since I did not want to convert our newly finished guest room) in the home.  We chose the room closest to our bedroom as I thought this would lessen the steps needed for late night feedings.

Once the room was selected, we needed to get it organized/cleaned out.  This room had been the place everything that did not have a spot went to die.  It also functioned as my over flow space for my clothes.
It is a bit embarrassing sharing with you just how bad I let this room get, but because I know everyone likes to see pics of other people's messy homes, here are a few more....

Now you have a good idea exactly what we were working with to start this project.  We got started by finding new homes for everything that was in the room that was not going to stay in a nursery (which was pretty much everything).   We did a lot of pitching, and a run to goodwill to get rid of some items.  I also returned many items that were in holding for other people.  After a few hours, here is what the room looks like.....

This is the view from the door
View from the corner where the dresser is
Looking towards the door
Opposite corner
There are a few items that still need to find new homes, but overall, it is stripped of the clutter that once remained.  The black piece of furniture needs to be moved downstairs to the basement, but we need to wait until someone is able to assist with moving the piece since lifting furniture is a pregnancy no-no.  The dresser and white book shelf are staying.  I am undecided whether the mirror to the dresser will stay.  Decisions, decisions.....

Stay tuned for my inspiration post for the nursery...... Many, many more nursery related posts to come.... :)

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  1. How exciting! Congrats on your new baby. I love decorating for babies. I sewed ans sewed for my babies. Such fun.