Friday, January 1, 2010

Maintenance Free

Today I was reminenscing a bit about all the yard projects we completed this past summer around our casa with a few friends.  Upon recalling all the hardwork, I realized I never posted about one of our major backbreaking projects.  So here we go.... try to remember what warm weather feels like, and let's talk about creating an almost maintenance free space.

As you can see below, we had a very large flowerbed on the southside of our house by our driveway that was filled to the brim with numerous perennials.  This bed provided many beautiful flowers, but it also provided lots of soil for numerous weeds to grow.  Almost every other day, I was going outside to weed which is not a fun task when you are allegeric to almost everything outdoors.

Therefore, in an effort to create more maintenance free spaces on our property, my husband and I dug up all the plants in the above space.  We have a little bit of nice topsoil with lots of clay soil underneath, so we waited to complete the removal process until we had a few days of rain.  This was a great idea because our shovels cut through the soil much like a knife cuts through hot butter.  It was pure magic, and made the process go so much quicker.  It took about 3 hours to dig all those flowers up, but we got it done.
We then picked out all the rocks we could find in the soil.  Initially we were going to try to seed the area rather than using sod, but after having seeded so many areas of our yard this year, we opted for sod (instant gradification was needed).  We then decided that since we removed all the plants ourselves (and also because I am allergic to grass) that we would contract out for the sod.  Therefore, our contractors rototilled the soil to prepare for the sod, and then sodded it on our behalf.

After lots of water (water is super important to sod rooting; I can't emphasis it enough), we are happy to report that our sod rooted well to the ground, and for the most part, blends in well with the surrounding grass.  We are super excited to have one less area to weed next summer which will provide more time for enjoying fun warm weather activities.

I definitely think the grass is greener on our side of the property line. :)

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