Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Outdoor Lighting Update.....

Let's face it.... Our outdoor lighting had seen better days.  After 13 years of 365 days out in the elements, the brass fixtures had begun to wear away.  In some places, the finish on the lights were blackened. 
Close-up Before
Side of Garage Before
Therefore, last weekend, the time came to update the jewelry on the house.  It took some time to find a replacement.  We wanted to find an option that would allow for the lightbulbs to be easily changed.  The old brass model were a bit difficult becasue there was a piece you had to unscrew two screws before you could access the lightbulbs.  Also, because I have a height disadvantage, I always need a chair or ladder to access. 
On a trip to Menard's, we found the above option.  The look was right on, and the lightbulb access was through the bottom of the light.  They were also a decent price at about $35 a piece (this was important since we needed four for the garage, and one for our front porch).  Luckily, we were able to find the five lights we needed: Score!

Once we got home, my husband got to installing them under the direction of our neighbor.  This was my husband's first go around with installing lights, and he completed like a champ.  After about 2.5 hours, all the lights were up.  They are now ready for their close-ups.....
Now, that is so much better.  Instant update.... It is so refreshing to pull into the garage now, and this wonderful bling hanging from the house.


  1. I love these lights. They are similar to some that I've seen at Lowes and really really want.

  2. I like them! SUCH an improvement! I'm visiting from A Little Knick Knack.

  3. They look really nice! I love the color on the house!

  4. So cute! It's amazing what a little change can do! We changed out brass fixtures to black lights and I LOVE them. Great job!

    Thanks for joining my Friday link party! See you next week!

  5. It is true that time and harsh weather conditions can wear and tear the lights, especially the brass. It began to rust in a matter of years after the installation, and rusted fixtures are quite unpleasant to look at. I think it is a good move to replace your exterior lighting fixtures. And the one that you chose gives your exterior look a more modern twist. The black color of the outdoor light creates an interesting contrast on the beige wall. I wonder what it looks like at night.[Allison Shallenberger]