Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Hardware Switch...Instant Update

We love our kitchen cabinents, but we were not a huge fan of the birdcage hardware that it was finished with when we purchased it.  It drove me nuts that the hardware often was not straight (illustrated below on the left, just slightly crooked).  All the doors, and drawers had the birdcage knobs on them.  The drawers offered a whole different problem for us.  They were at just the right height that our pant pockets would get stuck on them if we got close enough to the hardware.  After ripping several pairs of lounge pants, I decided we needed a change.
As you know I forgot to take lots of the "before" shots.... This below pic was taken when I was painting the kitchen as evidenced by the paint can on the left. 
Initially we were going to go with a knob and bin pull option, but laziness set in (fear really).  All the drawers already had the hardware holes drilled in them (perfect and centered).  I bought one of those hardware guides, but I could not find one that would allow us to drill holes at the same level the existing holes were (ie the guide was about 3 inches above where we needed the holes to be).  I knew we could have made our own, but I was really nervous about screwing up the cabinent drawers since they would be expensive to replace. 

Therefore, we decided it would be easier to just change everything out to the same knob option.  All our appliances in the kitchen are stainless steel so I wanted to go with something different to avoid that matchy, matchy thing.  We have lots of black accents in the kitchen.  I browsed all the hardware stores around us, and found the below beauty online at The Great Indoors.  It's called Hickory Hardware Period Brass Solid Brass Knob 1 1/4"- black nickel. 
It took less than an hour to swap out the hardware, and was pretty painless. 
I just love the new look.  No more crooked hardware, and our pants no longer have to be fearful of the kitchen.

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