Friday, July 16, 2010

Master Bath Renovation Part 1

Our master bath renovation project has been on the wish list since we purchased our home. From the get go, we recognized that our bath had lots of potential. We loved the size and footprint of the bathroom, but there were quite a few things not to love.

Number 1- the half carpet/half tile floor job. You see, our house was built in the late 90s, and I guess carpet in the bathroom was a great idea then. When we purchased our home, we replaced all the carpet in the house, but we left the original carpet in the baths in the hopes we would replace it with tile. Then, we started researching tile, and realized we were not ready to commitment to a particular tile option. Therefore, other projects took priority, and the carpet has stayed put for 2 years and counting. Not for long.....
Number 2- We were not fans of all the lovely shiny brass hardware and fixtures.  Not only did we want to update the finish, but most of the towel bars began to fall out of the drywall after a few months.  We didn't bother with fixing them because we knew we wanted to replace them.  However, in decision got the best of us..... Were we going to to commitment to brushed nickel or polished nickel......  Not anymore......

Number 3- Our brass shower door needed to go. Not only was it ugly, it was no longer functional. After a year of home ownership, the metal that held the doors on the sliding component bent causing the doors not to slide and get stuck. This was obviously a major hazard that needed to be addressed.  The other annoying items were that the frame bar on the top was positioned low so my six foot plus husband had to duck to get in and out of the shower.  To add insult to injury, the doors were only 18 inches wide which means he also had to enter and exit at an angle because otherwise he would hit his shoulders against the frame.
Number 4- The caulked broken tile in the shower got on my last nerve. I didn't notice when we first bought the house, but after months of showering in our shower, I got annoyed having to look at the broken tile..... Easy enough to fix if replacing the door.
Number 5- The paint color was just alright, but we wanted a more spa like feel.  Easy enough fix here too!
So in the coming weeks, you will witness how we transform this drab bathroom into something beautiful.  I can't wait.... It has been a long time coming.  Stay tuned!

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