Monday, October 11, 2010

Falling for Fall.....

The Midwest has been experiencing temperatures that are more inline with summer than fall.  In Indiana, we haven't had rain in weeks.  Most people's grass is burnt, and most plants have given up, and are just dormant.  However, the fall foilage is starting to fall, and it brings about my favorite time of year: fall.  To get into the fall spirit, I planted some mums in pots for our porch.  I thought I took some pics as I completed the process, but that wasn't the case.  Therefore, all I have to share are a before and after.
 Close-up of Mums... Yummy Yellow color
 Just beautiful Peachy Flowers

 Beautiful Tree in front of our Home
Hopefully the temps will start to drop in the coming days.  Today's high was 87 degrees which set another record.  I am looking forward to some 50 degree weather.... Cross your fingers we will get it.


  1. Oh, how I miss Indiana! The mums look great and I would give anything to jump in a pile of leaves again. It's just not the same jumping in a pile of cactus needles.

  2. It's been the same where I live. Weird to feel like I need to turn the ac on in October! Love the mums, they look great, and yellow are my FAVE!