Saturday, November 27, 2010

Backdoor Secured......

So our backdoor leading to the garage has been a bit of a problem for awhile now.  You see the metal thingy that clicks the lock into the frame fell off, and all the screws I bought for it would not hold it in the frame..... Therefore, I had my handyman help me correct this problem.  You see, I wanted to be able to lock the garage door just in case a robber broke into our garage..... I had a more genius thought too..... Since I had an extra deadbolt from our front entry door project, I decided to have the handyman install this said extra deadbolt to the door leading to the garage.... This way, I will be doubley secured.....
Before (Inside View)
 Before (Garage View)
 After (Inside View)
 After (Garage View)
 View from the Laundry Room
It took the handyman about 30 minutes to cut the hole in the door, and do the additional work on the door frame for the deadbolt.  It looked rather easy if you knew what you were doing.  I am very happy I farmed this project out since I was really worry about screwing up the garage door, and then having to replace it because I cut the whole in the wrong spot or something.

Therefore, this future mommy is very pleased to have her backdoor all secured from any potential robbers that may lurk.  I think I will add painting this door to my list of future spring/summer projects too.... I am really liking the black doors that everyone is posting in blog world especially since this door is so hard to keep clean......

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  1. Love your projects. I'm always having fun changing things in my house and love seeing what others do to theirs!! Looks great!!

    I featured you today for Craftify It Thursday! Hope you'll swing by and grab the feature button. You can also link up any other crafts you'd like too.

    Thank You & Have an awesome day!