Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Display Your Family Proudly

For some time, I have wanted to display some of our family pictures in our home.  However, as you know, I have had a bit of a lack of courage when it comes to pounding holes into the walls.  You see, we have freshly painted walls finally, and I didn't want to gunk them up with extra nail holes.

At any rate, with my courage flowing, I got my hammer on.  The wall below is located directly across from the main floor bathroom, and is the pass through hallway from our foyer to our Great room.  This angle is from the foyer.
This angle is from the Great room.
Here is the wall in a "in progress" shot.  The post-it notes display a description of what picture goes into what frame since I hadn't printed all the photos I wanted to display when I started placing the frames on the wall.
I used the Ribba frames from IKEA in various sizes.  I like these frames because they look great, but are much less expensive than comparable options at Pottery Barn.  My hope is that this wall with grow with us as our family grows.  I wanted a balanced look, and I think I achieved the look I wanted.
Angle 1
 Angle 2
So what do you think?  I have been debating adding some stripes to this wall too to add a little more drama, but I have held off since I am in my third trimester. 


  1. Stripes might be two busy but you never know it could look great. Plus I am probably thinking of different stripes than you are. Either way wait till after the baby. You would not want to go into labor half stripe. The pictures look great, clean and classic.

  2. Great idea. I have tons of pictures and I am always looking for display ideas. Thanks for your post.
    I am visiting you from New Friend Friday:-)