Sunday, March 7, 2010

Lesson Learned.....

Hello friends!  I just wanted to apologize for all the craziness you may have experienced if you tried to view my blog for half of last week.  You see, it was taken over by a crazy widget/gadget that I carelessly applied to my blog.  I didn't do my due dilgence, and randomly added a blog counter to the bottom of my blog to see how many hits I was getting.  I should have read the reviews to make sure I was using a good one, but I used one of the first ones I found online (I was being lazy; I admit it).  After struggling for a few days to remove the html code, I am happy to report that the blog is free of all the wackiness you may have experienced.  I guess I should cross my fingers when I say that because at least today, it appears to be A-okay. 

Needless to say, I have learned a valuable lesson: Make sure you know what you are adding to your blog before you do it....

Happy Sunday!


  1. lesson learned...hmmm? I need to learn from your post, I'm always adding stuff...*oops*

  2. I thought I already posted this link, but now I don't see it....try this...I use it and it works great...I get a weekly summary, and the detailed results are fun to browse's free too: