Thursday, March 18, 2010

Let the Sunshine NOT Roll.......

Our great room has lots of natural sunlight, and that was one of the biggest selling points for us when we purchased our home.  We wanted a house that offered lots of natural light.  However, we did not realize that all this light would come at a price.  Our great room faces southwest which results in lots of hot summer sun pouring into the room.  The light is nice, but the heat, and the glare do not make for comfortable and easy television watching.  The wood blinds do assist a bit with these problems, but the extra uncovered window untop the windows are problematic. 
I thought about adding the protective window covers that you apply directly to the windows to assist with light, but it appears they already have these applied.  Therefore, I abandoned this idea, and starting looking for a drapery option.

I was very inspired by the look below from Pottery Barn (the PB Casual cotton drape).  I sought an airy option that would filter the sunlight out a little, but not all together.  My options were a bit limited though because I needed the curtains to be 115 inches long.  Pottery Barn did have a curtain available, but I wasn't super pleased with the price.  I thought I could do better....               
Enter a trip to our favorite store IKEA.......I found just what I needed and wanted at IKEA.  The Vivan 118 inch curtains were perfect.  They offered me a sheer curtain that allowed light to filter through.  At $14.99 a pair, they were very economical.  Therefore, I grabbed two pairs, and was off to work on my curtain project.  I decided I only wanted to have one panel per a window.  Our fireplace is located in the middle of the windows, and I just wanted to avoid lots of extra fabric near potential flame.  So far I am pleased with the look I achieved.

The drapery rods I found at Target on clearance.  I think I may have paid full price at Target for the clips, but I was okay with that since the savings on the curtains and rods were robust.  I washed and dried the Vivan drapes about 3 or 4 times to get the airy, flowy look I wanted.  Out of the package, the Vivan drapes are a bit starched so washing them up is a must.  The overcast today has not provided me with the best lighting options for picture taking.
View from the balcony upstairs
I am very satisfied with my choice, and the look I achieved.  We can now comfortably watch television in the afternoon with limited glare. 

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