Thursday, July 15, 2010

Public Enemy #1

Your looking at public enemy #1.  This fan has been taunting me since we bought our house 18 months ago..... When we first purchased the house, I promised myself that it was going to be one of the first things replaced.  What a naive person I was back then..... As we know, there are so many other items that take priority when you first purchase a home.....

Of course, we had to prioritize items, and we purchased furniture to sit on, a lawn mower, etc.......
Finally the fan became a priority.  It wasn't as easy to replace as I thought back in the early days since there was the cost of the fan along with the additional fees for the electrician to install it.  You see, this fan is in our great room that has giant ceilings.  The catch is that we don't own a ladder so it was a necessity to have an electrician install it. 
One more view so you can fully appreciate my pain.  The below shot was taken before our walls were painted.... The fan did not want to go.... It held on extra long presenting some challenges for the electrician when he was trying to pry it from the ceiling....
The new fan had me at hello.....I purchased it at, and it is called the Loft Ceiling Fan by Emerson.  It comes in several different finishes.  I selected the white option, and it is the perfect shade of white.  It blends in wonderfully into the ceiling, and this is just the look that I craved.  It is just so understated, and that is why I love it.  I love how the blades are a bit modern, but not overly so.  It also has an Energy Star Rating for the eco person within me.  I am just head over heels in love.
The other best part about this fan is that we have the capability to change the fan speed at the wall plate on ground level.  The even cooler thing is that we have a remote control that allows us to adjust the speed from the couch!  You see, the old fan had three speeds, but we were unable to change the speeds resulting in one speed.  Summer in the great room has been a whole lot cooler with this baby.... :)
Close-up side view.... How sleek!
View from the balcony.... I just love how it blends in now.... I hated how before the fan just screamed look at me all day (or was that my voice in my head).... Anyhoo, that voice is gone!
The best part about this whole project is that I have already sold "public enemy #1" on craigslist.  As I type, I am awaiting the buyer's arrival.  So happy to be able to pass him off to someone else.

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