Sunday, July 18, 2010

Master Bath Reno: Part 2- Out with the door.....

Our first step in our bathroom remodel was to address the brass shower door.  It needed to be replace because not only was it ugly, it was also hazardous to our health.  After getting stuck in the shower a few times (the sliding doors no longer were on the track most of the time), my husband and I both decided it was time to replace the door.
Because we decided to replace the door, we knew this was the time to replace the broken tile in the shower as well.  We toyed with the idea of retiling the whole shower with something different, but the existing tiles everywhere else in the shower/tub area were in great shape.  Of course cost factored into our decision as well so we decided to stick with the more economical repair tile plan.  Unfortunately, the previous owners did not leave any extra tiles for replacement so it was a bit of a struggle to find the right color of off-white tile to match our aged existing tile.  Therefore, we proceeded with having the door removed before we selected which tile option to proceed with for the project.
We contracted out for this project because our shower opening was a custom size.  The contractor we went with also did tile repair so we had him assist with replacing the tile too which was very convenient for us.

This is what the shower area looked like with the brass door removed.... Already an improvement!
Below is what the broken tile area looked like once the contractor removed the offending tiles.  As you can see, some of the tile backing where the wall is missing possibly answered the question why the tile broken in the first place.
The contractor fixed this error, and we went about selecting our tile replacement option.  I can't recall the color or vendor of tile we went with, but it was a 95% match to what we had existing in the shower.
As you can see above, the new tile blends in well with the existing tile.  Happy dance!  You probably also notice that we needed to do a bit of drywall repair outside of the shower on the corner as water leaked through the broken half caulked tile.  The wall obviously doesn't look great yet, but it will in time when the bathroom gets it's new paint color.

My next post will detail how we decided to select the door for the shower enclosure, and an updated pic of how it looks now.


  1. The tile blends perfectly! I look forward to seeing the new door!

  2. Can't wait! We had a sliding shower door and we just tossed it! Of course, it wasn't a corner so a shower curtain works for us.

  3. Wow - great job. That's not too easy either! Oh, thanks for the idea of the black and cream night stand. I think it's perfect! Linda

  4. wow, how exciting! it's coming along REALLY nicely!